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"It has been a game changer for me since I found Catalyst. The Bootcamp workouts are super fun and I love how they are always different. You can definitely tell the instructors are passionate about fitness and maintaining correct form. You won’t regret joining." - Tina

Class Details

Every class we run is different--they never repeat. Our qualified instructors have over 20+ years of combined training experience to give you an amazing workout and leave feeling unstoppable.


Our goal is to maximize efficiency and the results for anyone wanting to gain muscle, lose weight, or improve overall body composition.

A typical class will consist a warm up followed by the main circuit and interval format of the day. Catalyst Bootcamp classes are specifically designed to keep you moving from start to finish for the full 45 minutes.


This type of class setup is extremely effective and enjoyable for all participants as it gives the ability to move at a pace that is perfect for that individual. This not only tailors to many different skill levels, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury.


Intro offer: $15 for first 15 days
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Monthly Memberships

  • Unlimited: $99/mo

  • 8 classes: $79/mo

  • 4 classes: $49/mo.

Additional pricing options

  • Punchcard of Ten: $150

  • Drop-in Fee: $18

Class Schedule

*Preregistration required

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