Matt M.

Best gym I've ever been a part of, hands down. The classes are great. Every instructor is a little bit different and no two classes are the same. Great personalities and a fun atmosphere. When I started coming to Catalyst, I was close to 230 lbs, I am now down to 205 lbs and this is the first place I've ever really felt motivated to keep coming back. The workout regimens are legit and one of the instructors is also a dietitian. I highly recommend at least giving them a shot with the free drop-in class. You won't be disappointed.



"Awesome workouts at Catalyst with Jackie! 

My family has worked out here for over three years. Jackie adds a whole new dimension, including nutrition expertise. 

Way to go, Catalyst!"

Diana Y.

Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Prior to Catalyst, I was always a solo gym-goer to the boring gym chains, with no idea what I was missing out on. I knew I wanted variety when it came to my fitness routine, so upon the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Catalyst Fitness!


The trainers are superb. They know all of their clients on a first-name basis. They get to know you and your body, and they customize the workouts accordingly. They have the expertise to incorporate dynamic stretches, cardio, and strength training--all in an hour's work. They are friendly, welcoming, and they make working out fun! I highly recommend Catalyst!


Catalyst Fitness was truly a life-defining and life-changing experience for me! Corey, J.T. & Scott transformed my body. They taught me that physical fitness is not only "working out", but a lifestyle. I gained a passion for working out! Thanks, Catalyst!

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