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Sculpt a strong lean body right from your home

Virtual Workout Details

Workouts are emailed directly to your inbox five days a week. Links are provided to our Google Drive with the Catalyst Fitness owner Coach Corey leading the show.

A wide variety of compound moves are performed each session along with step-by-step instruction and helpful verbal cues to keep you focused and energized the whole time.

Workouts are performed in circuit and interval style, as well as the counting of sets and reps. This is the absolute best format for virtual fitness as it allows the use to keep the body moving. 

All skill levels and ages welcome.

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PPart of the beauty of virtual workouts is they can be performed at home or on the road with limited equipment.

  • Light set of dumbbells (5-8lbs)

  • Heavy set of dumbbells (12-25lbs)

  • Box or a set of stairs (something to stand on)

  • Gliders (paper plates on a wood floor work too!)

Membership Details​

Time: Sent to your inbox every Monday morning at 5am MTS.

Where: Links to videos will be accessed through that week's Google Drive

Duration: 40-45 minutes

Class Styles: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, Strength Training, Interval Training

Cost: $35 for single membership; $70 max for family (2 or more)

Check out this free video sample

of a virtual workout