Our goal is to change the relationship people have about fitness by way of creating a supportive environment from others and adding an athletic dynamic that is functional to everyday life.

Services we offer:

  • Bootcamp/HIIT Classes

  • Personalized virtual workouts

  • Personal training

  • Rent Space

Catalyst Bootcamp

Our 45-50 minute classes consist of circuit and interval training designed to keep you moving from start to finish. Classes range from explosive HIIT style to cardio, weight lifting, plyometrics, and more. This type of training modality is extremely efficient and highly effective when working to improve body composition and overall health.


Our class style also works perfect for all skill levels. Whether you are a lifelong fitness enthusiast or a new beginner, our Bootcamp classes are perfect for anyone looking to build muscle, burn fat, improve cardio or build strength... all of that back with a friendly community right by your side.

Come meet your new friends and stay after for a cup of coffee. First class is always free!


Pre-registration required. 


Virtual Workouts

Incredible circuit and interval workouts sent right to your inbox FIVE days a week.


Finally there is a program for you to follow that gets results, keeps you guessing, all from the comfort of your own home. Virtual workouts consist of 30-45 minute workouts from the owner Coach Corey as he walks you through a series of different pyramid workouts and circuit-intervals style.


Tired of trying to workout at home and not having the success or the results you want? It's not because you're lazy... you just need some structure.


 Come meet your new virtual personal trainer!


What do others have to say?

"Catalyst Fitness was a life-changing experience for me! I gained a passion for working out! Thanks, Catalyst!"

- DJ. M

"The culture at Catalyst is're going to love it!" 

- Brittany L.

"Prior to Catalyst, I was always a solo gym goer to the boring gym chains, and I had absolutely no idea what I was missing out on.


I knew I wanted variety when it came to my fitness routine, so upon the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Catalyst Fitness! The fitness trainers are superb.


They know all their clients on a first name basis, they get to know you and your body, and customize the HIIT workouts accordingly. The trainers are friendly, welcoming, and they make working out fun! I highly recommend Catalyst!"

-Diana Y.

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