June 21, 2024

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With obesity on the rise and the increasing health complications that come with it, Denver, Colorado is one of the few places in the country where the culture of the city can combat this problem. Depending on the time of the year, citizens can frequently be found participating in physical activities such as mountain biking, skiing, hiking, cycling, or trail running.

Located on some of the best mountains and outdoor activities in the world, the city of Denver, and even Colorado as a whole, is a place where health and fitness are directly intertwined in its community and its culture. With all of the incredible outdoor activities and 300+ days of sunshine a year, it is no wonder why Denver continually ranks as one of the healthiest cities in the country. However, to truly experience all the great activities Denver has to offer its residents need to stay physically fit year-round.

Of course, this doesn’t include everyone that resides here…

Since opening the doors to Catalyst Fitness back in 2014, our gym has worked with clients of all different shapes and sizes with the sole purpose of helping people achieve success with their health and fitness goals. To achieve success in this area it is paramount that a person has a reason as to why they want to improve their health and fitness. If some don’t have a good reason why it is important to reach their goals then it probably isn’t going to happen. Luckily the residents of Denver can often find a good reason that goes beyond just the typical “I want to look better in the mirror.” One of the most common motivational factors we hear about is the desire to explore the outdoors more and the physical challenges that come with it.

For example:

“I want to lose weight so I can go on more difficult hikes with my friends and not feel like I’m holding them back.”

“I want to go mountain biking again as I used to before the covid pandemic which caused my weight gain.”

“I want to be able to go skiing and have the strength and stamina to do long runs with my significant other without having to rest halfway down the mountain.”

These type of reasons for improving your overall health can be very powerful because it goes beyond yourself and into improving your lifestyle and overall well-being. If you are new to the city of Denver or want to explore more of what the city and its surrounding areas have to offer, these are the three most important things you should focus on:

#1. Exercise

When it comes to exercise it is essential that you find a gym or a program that is effective and enjoyable, examples may include; participating in a Bootcamp/HIIT class or hiring a personal trainer. Regardless of what type of physical activity or hobby you want to do in Denver, strength training is going to be essential if you want to maximize your results.

#2. Nutrition

This is going to be 80% of the battle in your journey. Although the topic of nutrition can be very complicated and vary from person to person, here are the basics - stay away from sugar (i.e. soda, deserts, candy), eat a lot of vegetables, limit your carbs, and drink a lot of water (about a gallon a day). If you can do that you WILL be on the right track.

#3. Stay Consistent

This is the secret to the whole thing. Whether the goal is to gain muscle, lose weight, or both… For people to have success in their health and fitness journey it is essential to stay consistent over time. To build this consistency, there needs to be someone or some “thing” that holds them accountable to the process. For example; having a trainer you trust periodically check in on you, or dedicate to spending time with a friend and make them your “accountabili-buddy,” or even motivate yourself with some financial accountability such as buying a year-long gym membership or personal training package.

I am a firm believer that in order to live a good life and maximize your well-being you must live life to the fullest. In layman’s terms, this means getting off the couch and into the world, just like so many residents in Denver can do. So no matter what the reason is for improving your health and fitness or where you live, just know that you can do it - all you need to do is figure out your reason “why” and then take action.

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