The Catalyst Team

fitness trainer

Coach Brian

Head Strength Coach

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is an NSCA certified national strength and conditioning specialist. He had the opportunity to study under a few internationally recognized Olympic coaches and has also been certified as a functional range conditioning coach.


With years of experience working in sports performance and body composition fields, Brian is able to deliver top-notch results for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

fitness trainer

Shandy Seastone

Instructor +
Lead nutrition & accountability coach.

Coach Shandy Seastone has a black belt in Xtreme Martial Arts and Moo Duck Kwan, and specializes in MMA, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, self-defense and weapon defense.

Shandy has been teaching fitness and kickboxing classes since 2017 and has done so at some of the top MMA gym's in the state of Colorado. With over 20 years of experience, Coach Shandy is going to transform your mind and body like never before.


Kelton Whitehead

instructor + Strength Coach

Kelton found his passion for fitness through sports, and after a lot of hard work he become an elite football and track star at his High School.


After retiring from sports his enthusiasm for fitness grew more and more, eventually evolving leading him into bodybuilding and and doing physique competitions.


Coach K has continued to develop himself in the fitness industry by getting his personal training certification, with the goal of helping others achieve their fitness goals, by learning how to implement exercise into their daily lives and create sustainability with their nutrition.

fitness trainer


Upon opening the doors to Catalyst fitness at just 24-years-old, After playing college, Corey has taken his expertise in baseball training into the fitness world, giving the gym a highly efficient training style and unique perspective into the exercise world.

Quality is important. Technique is paramount. Catalyst Fitness was founded on improving the lives of others and helping people learn to love health and fitness.


Coach Corey is not only going to help you get in phenomenal shape but will make you a better athlete while doing it. Many of the exercises and training equipment he uses can’t be found anywhere else.